Perfume Facts

How to use your perfume

Store your perfume properly, keep it away from direct sunlight, store it in a dry place, and avoid storing it in the bathroom

Apply it the right way, do you expect the perfume to last longer on your body?  Apply it to your pulse points, and don’t rub your wrists together, it’s a big no-no.  Just tap your wrists together or dab your wrists anywhere you see fit.  Layer your perfume with body oil or lotion to enhance the scent

Wearing perfume is not only pleasing but it can also boost your confidence

Why we love perfume

It can enhance our mood
Most of us probably own at least one perfume.  That’s because its pleasant smell can make us feel more confident and sometimes even enhance our mood

It can trigger memories
One of the remarkable things about perfumes is it can trigger memories.  A particular scent can bring you happy memories.  Meanwhile, it can also remind you of someone special

It can make you more attractive
You’re already confident after spritzing some perfume on your body.  Combine that with a pleasant smell and people will be more attracted to you in no time

Three Facts about perfume you need to know

Perfume mixes with your skin chemistry once it touches it so it can smell different between people

Perfume can improve your mood, it is said that a lavender scent can make you feel more relaxed, while a citrus scent can awaken your senses

Natural perfume can last much longer